25th Aalsmeer Flower Cup
March 15, 2025

results 2023

The Flower Cups have been awarded

Well done! The Aalsmeer Flower Cup has ended and the prizes have been awarded. The provisional results of the 24th Aalsmeer Flower Cup can be found here (and here, per class). A summary of today's best performances:

Winners of the Aalsmeer Flower Cup:

Men Class I 17+: Matthias SchuldtWomen Class I 17+: Romana Schuring
Boys 15-16 years: Noah ScherenbergGirls 15-16 years: Mila Welling
Boys 13-14 years: Moritz FuchsGirls 13-14 years: Nele Goetzl
Boys 11-12 years: Lukas KubikGirls 11-12 years: Vitalina Snikere
Men Class II all ages: Louis ParentWomen Class II all ages: Brenda Frunt

Special prizes (prelims only):

Winners of the Time of Flight prizes:
Boys 13-14: Konrad Kitz
Girls 13-14: Isa Berger

Winners of the difficulty prizes:
Men Class I 17+: Fabian Vogel
Women Class I 17+: Romana Schuring

Winners of the execution prizes:
Louis Parent (Men Class II all ages)
Thalissa Wijkstra (Girls 15-16)

Do you want to watch the competition again? The live streams are still there on YouTube!

Congratulations go to all winners. And a big thank you goes to all volunteers that made the competition possible.

We hope to see you again in 2025! March 15th will be the 25th edition. Be there!

Special awards!

As you might know the Aalsmeer Flower Cup has a tradition of having a few special awards. These
awards are allocated based on the scores from the preliminary rounds so NOT based on the scores
of the participants in the finals.

For this 24th Aalsmeer Flower Cup event we have chosen the following:

  • Special award for highest difficulty score: only Men and Women class I 17+
  • Special award for highest execution score: all classes except class I 17+
  • Special award for highest Time of Flight: only Boys and Girls 13-14 years

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